It is officially December, and, likely, your mind is on gift shopping. At KBC, we’ve got gifts for the beer lovers covered—gifts like our Beer for a Year Card, which gets you, once every month of the year, a free growler fill of any of our flagship beers. We also offer gift certificates; we’ll fill one out for any amount you would like.


Packaged beer? That makes a great gift, too. Grab a six-pack of either our Two Ski Brewski Pilsner or Winter at Noon Dunkel. Maybe the beer lover in your life would like one of KBC’s winter seasonals—a beer that’s well tailored to cold temperatures and minimal daylight. We can send you on your way with a thrity-two-ounce Crowler can—we will fill and seal this can right behind the bar—of something like our Broken Tine Barley Wine or Life’s a Beech Rauchbier. (We’ve heard both the Broken Tine and the Life’s a Beech described as great “hot tub beers.”)


Of course, we have no shortage of apparel. Hats? Hoodies? Shirts? Beanies? We’ve got them all and in different varieties. You can’t go wrong, either, with stocking stuffers like our credit-card-shaped bottle opener that fits right in your wallet or beer coozies.


We are particularly fond of Stanley’s (like your Grandpa’s thermos) insulated pint glasses. They’re insulated with stainless steel, to keep your beer as cold and as fresh as possible. They’re also quite sturdy, and have a built-in bottle opener on the lid!


We hope this helps you along with your shopping, and from all of us at KBC: Season’s Greetings!