We’re excited to have a brand new, never-before-brewed beer on tap in the Kalispell Brewing tasting room. Come on in to try our Skijoring Stout.

We brewed this dark ale in conjunction with the Flathead Valley’s annual skijoring competition, which took place at Rebecca Farms in Kalispell on December 30th and 31st. KBC was honored to have been asked to provide the beer for this year’s event. In addition to the four flagship beers served, we released the Skijoring Stout at the competition. Don’t worry. The skijorers and spectators didn’t drink all of it. Kegs remain at 412 Main.

If you attended the competition, you know how cold it was. Earlier in December, people expressed concern over whether or not the Flathead would have enough snow to host the event. To say we had plenty of snow is an understatement. Despite the heaping white piles and bitter cold, people turned out in great numbers to watch the skijoring. They saw horses run at full speed, pulling the skiers, making turn after turn after turn on the long course. With racers from all over and nearly eighty teams participating, the skijoring event proved a great time.

According to our brewmaster Cole, the many people that turned out were “enthusiastic not only about the skijoring, but about the new Stout, too. I was surprised to see so many people drinking beer, as cold as it was.”

Cole designed the Skijoring Stout to be more sessionable than our Snowslip Stout. It clocks in at 5.3% alcohol by volume, but has no less body than the Snowslip. The brewmaster calls it a “mild winter warmer of a beer.” Sweet, chocolatey flavor predominates. There is some dark, roast malt character, but it lingers underneath the sweetness. Some British hops add a little flavor, but not much. It’s all about the malt with the Skijoring Stout, particularly the chocolate malt.


Overall, it’s a delicious dark ale that’s sessionable, sweet, and not too bitter. Come in and try it while supplies last. It’s well suited to these bitter cold days.

Happy New Year, beer drinkers!