Call it what you will: a DIY movement, homesteading culture, nostalgic millennial pastimes, or just a way to save some cash. However you cut it, there’s a whole world of curious minds setting up their home brewing kits to see what kind of magic they can create. Lovers of beer everywhere are experimenting with malts, dried and fresh hops, citrus peels and aging. It’s a process that we hold close to our hearts at KBC. Home brewing is where we began and it’s what inspires us to cultivate an appreciation for, and a deeper connection with beer.

The Beginning

It’s important to remember that every craft brewery starts from a series of small-scale failures and successes at home. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t have learned the precise methods that make beer delicious. Our Head Brewer Cole started where many of you are starting now. Armed with a love of beer and a mathematical mind, he was determined to turn that first Brown Ale that tasted like green olives into a second batch of Belgian Dubbel that he couldn’t get enough of. With Cole’s curious disposition and his tendency to get carried away, brewing equipment started taking over his home as he fully immersed himself in the science behind a perfect beer.

Throughout the entire process, education has been a consistent component in what makes KBC special. Cole and Maggie have worked hard to acquire the skills needed to fuel their passion. Sharing insight into the process with customers, friends and supporters helps build and grow our community while raising the bar for the production and appreciation of local craft beer.

University of Beer

Our customers are downright thirsty for brewing knowledge. “Where do you guys source your malt?” “How is it smoked?” “Why do you guys brew Pilsner?” “What do all those numbers and percentages mean next to the beer names on the board?” Enter: the University of Beer.


We took note of your inquisitive minds, and we are responding by offering this very special class series. Cole, the mad scientist himself, will walk you through every detail and answer all of your pressing questions. Our series will take you from beer and brewing basics to history and taste profiles to help hone you home brewing or beer loving skills.

  1. Beginning Beer Basics: How do you take water, malt and yeast and make beer? In this class you’ll learn about ingredients, process overview, malt and hops varieties, water chemistry and more.
  2. Brewhouse Introduction: Take a walk through our brewhouse and find out the names and functions of those huge metal tanks, from A to Z.
  3. Beer Styles & History: KBC brews traditional German beers, and over the course of the year we brew many different seasonals on top of our flagships. In this class you’ll learn what goes into each of those styles of beer, the history of why they were made, how, and when!
  4. How to Taste Beer: Cole and Lacey will teach you how to taste beer, because at KBC, we’re all about cultivating an appreciation for the finer details of delicious brews. They will walk you through the flavor profiles of KBC’s beers, what goes well with each and why.

Knowing more, learning more, and understanding more about the things we enjoy connects us to ourselves, our families and our communities. There’s something satisfying about being able to make and provide goods with your own hands. KBC is here to share our successes and failures with you. We’re here to cultivate knowledge, and to empower you to do more.