“Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

The fastest way to prove your fierce loyalty to your community is to foster the things that make it a great, safe place to live. Local non-profit organizations are doing the dirty work. These organizations are typically founded by citizens who could no longer sit idly by. They rolled up their shirtsleeves and got to work raising money to give back to those that needed it most. Local non-profit organizations are without a doubt making our community a better place. If you are interested in starting your own non-profit organization, then click here now for further information.

Community is a vital component to what makes KBC tick. In fact, one of our company’s values is to support and celebrate the place where we live and play. As a brewery, the easiest way to give back is to be involved in our community, and to hold Benefit Brews Nights to help local non-profits raise money and awareness. To KBC, giving back in these ways are important for the following reasons.

1. Local contributions foster positive change and economic growth.

Giving to local organizations helps ensure that no community member is left behind. If you lift your neighbors up, the overall health of your community is stronger. Giving locally helps strengthen non-profits that create long-term jobs and opportunities for growth.

2. We can see the impact of giving firsthand.

The difference between giving locally and giving to global organizations is that as supporters, we are able to watch the impact our contributions. We see that the more we give, the more tools these non-profits have to affect real, lasting change. We watch as our donations quickly turn into food, warm coats and blankets, firewood, teaching supplies, after-school activities for kids and people in need. Giving locally boosts trust in how we donate by allowing us to feel the impact more immediately.

3. Face-to-face interactions.

KBC knows that raising money is a daunting task for non-profit organizations, and offering a platform to raise awareness and funds is the easiest way that we can make sure the voices and needs of these non-profits are heard more broadly. Our Benefit Brews Nights, held every other Tuesday night in our tap room, offer a great way for the community to meet and talk directly to these non-profits. Face to face interaction means that people are more likely to give and to be sympathetic to their missions.

In 2017, KBC’s Benefit Brews Night raised $5,449 for local non-profits simply by donating $1 of every beer sold to their efforts. We are proud of what these local organizations provide, and we feel honored to be able to contribute to their causes. We already know that beer brings people together socially. KBC also believes that the power of beer brings people together to help make the Flathead a special place to live!