Tonight we are holding the second class of the University of Beer, Kalispell Brewing Company’s first series of courses offered to the public. These courses are meant to share beer education with our community of local home brewers and beer lovers alike. In honor of this, and of beer education and curious minds everywhere, we’d like to recommend a graphic novel that has taken on the massive undertaking of boiling down a 360 degree view of the entire history of beer into a graphic novel. Authors Jonathan Hennessey, Malcom Arthur Smith and Mike Smith, along with illustrator Aaron McConnel, created a comprehensive look at the relationship between beer and humans since 7,000 B.C. in their version of an illustrated beer bible, The Comic Book Story of Beer: The World’s Favorite Beverage from 7,000 B.C. to Today’s Craft Brewing Revolution.

Artboard 1

In this epic comic, we learn that beer had a place in many historical texts and events, and that the origins of beer as a drink for the masses as a proletariat beverage. The authors illustrate a direct tie between the history of beer and its legacy of human entertainment, enlightenment and as a nutritious supplement. We learn how the black plague changed how we brewed and drank beer! The history really is FASCINATING!

With so many books in existence relating to brewing beer and better understanding its origins, one would think that we’ve reached the tipping point of an over-saturated market. The genius about telling a story graphically is that you can more quickly and easily explain complex processes and histories through pictures. It helps readers understand concepts, it helps them better retain the information, and it reaches a wider audience that might not have base beer knowledge. Basically, it’s a LOT of information to walk through, and an illustrated format makes it fun.

We think this comic book story is a perfect supplement to our University of Beer class series, and would be a great additional to the shelf of any serious (or novice) beer nerd. You can find it on Amazon or Kindle, or at a bookstore near you!