This week we wanted to lift the veil of the production floor again to introduce a familiar face, Brewer Tyler Glidden! Tyler has been with the brewery since KBC opened our doors. He began as a beertender, and worked his way up to the trusted brewing companion that he is today. Tyler was also the brains behind the Space Quaker Oatmeal Pale Ale (OatPA). Here’s Tyler’s story!

Where are ya from?

T: I grew up in New Mexico in a small town outside of Albuquerque, called Algodones. It means “Cotton City”, because of the Cottonwood trees. It’s right on the Rio Grande River.

So how did you get to the Flathead from New Mexico?

T: The day after I graduated I moved to Montana for a summer job. I was (still am) really into fly fishing and I got a summer job at a West Yellowstone fly shop called Bud Lillies Trout shop. After that I bounced around a bit, from Chicago, to Alaska and a couple other places, all the while working on getting a teaching degree online. I found a gig pretty quickly at Flathead High teaching English, so my now wife and I moved to Whitefish and I ended up teaching for 8 years in the valley.

When did the brewing come into play?

T: My dad had an old home brew kit that he never used, so I took it and started messing around. I really got into it when we moved here. The winters are dark and there’s not a lot going on. I needed a hobby. While I was teaching, I had a lot of spare time in the summer so I could really experiment. My first home brew was pretty bad. I remember I first tried a Roggenbier (Rye beer). Not only did it not taste good, but the Rye gets really gummy during the brewing process, so it was really hard to get the liquid out. If people want to get into brewing, you don’t need a fancy kit, you’re best off looking from something like old wooden barrels for sale cheap to get you started.

How did you meet Maggie and Cole?

T: I knew them both through the Telemark ski race program, and my wife knew Maggie from the Forest Service. I reached out and asked if they needed help at the brewery when they were opening and they did!

What do you and your wife do for fun?

T: Fishing, skiing, sleeping (when we can). And taking care of our 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl (it’s full on).

What beer do you like to drink when you’re not here?

T: Definitely Deschutes Fresh Squeezed and Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack Session IPA.

What’s something that you would like to brew here in the future?

T: I’d love to do a Milk Porter and a Session IPA!

You can find Tyler on the production floor brewing with Cole and helping teach Josh the ropes, while listening to live Grateful Dead and Neil Young on repeat.