April 21st marks the start of National Parks Week (#FindYourPark). A celebration this time of year is tough for parks in the upper Northwest of our nation, whose ranges have been pummeled with snow all winter and well into the spring. This is especially true for KBC’s backyard playground: Glacier National Park.

Here at KBC, we are constantly inspired by the grand white, windswept, rocky peaks of Glacier. It’s where we play, it’s where we find peace, stretch our legs, it’s where we go to reset, and it’s where we teach our children what makes life special and awe-inspiring. Unsurprisingly, all of this inspiration has spilled into our brews.


(Above) Marketing Director Lindsay’s husband Jason skis Snowslip Mountain with friends.


Inspired Flagship and Seasonal Beers

The peaks of Glacier have made their way into our taproom on numerous occasions (not literally, of course, although that sounds like the start of a great joke). We’ve named plenty of beers after some of our favorite spots in the park:

Glacier is still mostly covered with cold white stuff, but here at KBC, we can help you locals celebrate National Parks Week our own way. Right now you can snag some Cloudcroft IPA or a Snowslip Stout in KBC’s taproom, close your eyes and imagine yourself hiking up a trail amidst Indian paintbrush, fireweed and beargrass.

Take Glacier With You

In early May, just when plows typically start making progress on Glacier’s Going to the Sun Road, KBC will release our new canned beer. Cloudcroft IPA 6-packs will be available just in time for fresh spring bike rides, spring skiing, and lower elevation adventures. Now you can take a delicious slice of Glacier with you wherever you need it most (responsibly, of course)!


(Above) Head Brewer Cole’s mom Jeanne hikes in Glacier with Cloudcroft Peaks in the background.