Tony Traina, chef and beer lover, is launching a new project in the Flathead: Fork in the Road Mobile Eatery. KBC is thrilled to announce our partnership this summer to provide an elevated food and beverage offering to our weekend customers. Tony has worked hard with our staff to pair KBC beers with his selections, and the menu is out of this world. (scroll to the end of this post to see the full menu).

Fork in the Road will be parked out back, behind our taproom, Saturdays and Sundays from noon-8:00PM, unless otherwise noted on his website calendar. KBC is so excited to be able to partner with such a talented chef, and we think that you’ll be equally as thrilled.

We thought we’d ask Tony some questions to give you a quick introduction to his new project.

1. What’s your history with cooking and preparing food?

My interest in food and cooking good food dates all the way back in the day to my home ec. class in high school. The silly elective I had to take as a “performing science” to graduate completely changed my life. I cooked on and off abroad to help fund my travels and I think that is where food became a true interest/passion for me. For most of my adult life I have enjoyed hosting dinner parties for friends and doing ridiculous things like making crab cakes while camping! I am pretty much the family cook  and have prepared most/nearly all of the family holiday meals for as long as I can remember.

I didn’t start cook professionally until 10 years ago when my path led me back to Montana. I decided if I was moving back to my home town I might as well chase a dream and helped a family friend write a menu and start her restaurant. Most of my experience has been at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course Restaurant learning under Chef Crumbaker.




2. Why did you want to start a food truck, and what was the concept behind it?

I have dreamed of a food truck since visiting Portland about 18 years ago. Something about the kitsch of the scene really appealed to me. Most food truck owners seemed hip and a real fabric of the counter-culture and it truly takes a certain mettle to try and convert a vehicle to a kitchen.

About 4 years ago the idea of being self employed really became important to me and my now fiance and I started coming up with names & menu ideas. It became something we just talked about but didn’t really feel like it would ever happen. Finally just after this last New Year she convinced me we could afford for me to make a go of it.

The concept is really to just give people really good food made with love. I don’t want to cut corners so the menu has been be created to be executed with the truck and cooking equipment I have.

3. What are your hopes for the year? Any big goals?

This business has been started with a 3-year business plan in mind. My goal this year are quite simply to get my name out there and make damn sure that everything that comes out of my window is delicious. When people see my truck or my business name in print I want them to have a positive association with it. I have full confidence that if I only serve high quality food made with love, word will spread and the business will be successful.

The food truck / brewery scene is a real thing and I happen to be big fans of both! I think it is exciting that I have a real opportunity to be part of creating something special in Kalispell.

4. What is your favorite KBC beer pairing with the food you’ll be offering?

My favorite is the Cloudcroft IPA but that is because the best thing in the world is a perfectly balanced IPA with smoked pork verde street tacos. However, I am usually drawn to a Dunkel. The Winter at Noon Dunkel is delicious and paring it with a Redneck brat with kraut, swiss and mustard is going to be a beautiful thing.

There you have it, folks. Let’s give chef Tony and Fork in the Road a big KBC welcome. Be sure to check out the killer menu below. As a reminder, Tony will be debuting his food truck this Saturday, May 19th, from noon-8:00 PM.

KBC Menu Table Tent_v2 (1)