Last week, a regular customer recently came by the taproom to remind us that glass growlers are an easy, reusable tool that everyone can use to reduce waste, and that KBC should take more responsibility to promote the low-waste cycle. We knew he was right, and are grateful for the reminder, especially since the very process of recycling has become increasingly sparse in the Flathead Valley.

As an immediate response, KBC started promoting our Growler Wednesdays (come in for a growler fill and get a free beer while you wait!) to focus more on closing the low-waste cycle in an already low-waste business. Somehow, however, that didn’t seem like enough.

Enter: the KBC Little Free Growler Library

You’ve likely seen a few Little Free Libraries around town. These are small structures in the front of yards that hold a handful of books that the public can take at will, read, and then return. They promote reading for those who might feel like they don’t have access, and it fosters a stronger community, knowing that your neighbors want to share something from the heart.


KBC now has our own Little Free Library, but of Growlers! Forget your growler at home, but already have too many on the shelf to justify buying another one? No problem! Just ask one of our beertenders to grab you a Little Free Growler from our library, fill it up, enjoy it at home, and then return it to KBC!

If you’d like to participate and have too many growlers at home, you can DONATE to our library! Feel free to bring your surplus growlers by the brewery and we’ll add it to the library!

Why this matters

Living in a wild place such as northwest Montana connects us to nature in a special way. Here at KBC, we are protective of our public lands, national parks and wild spaces. We strive to make changes that can help keep these lands healthy so generations in the future can enjoy them. Creating just one less ounce of trash helps, even in a small way.