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KBC is proud to announce the arrival of Dark Side Fermenters Kombucha on tap in our downtown Kalispell taproom!

Dark Side Fermenters is a new Flathead Valley venture between Pete and Sam Avery and Jake and Shannon Rubow.  Together they craft probiotic wonders with flavors you likely haven’t seen anywhere else. With an eye towards experimental and mix-able flavors, they’ve started something quite special.

But wait, what is kombucha?

Before we get any further, you might be wondering what the heck kombucha is. Kombucha (kohm-boo-tcha) is a fizzy beverage produced by fermenting sweet caffeinated tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria (this culture is called a SCOBY, or Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and typically produces a drink with an ABV of .5% or lower. There are endless flavor options for kombucha, using different blends of teas, spices and fruits.

Kombucha is typically gluten-free and has been shown to boost immunity and overall gut health, as it is high in probiotics.

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What’s on tap?

Right now, KBC is pouring Dark Side’s Jal Jeera flavor, a tart, spicy, earthy, minty and exotic flavor named after the otherworldly cumin-mint lemonade of India. Jal Jeera leans heavily on the fresh mint, cilantro flavors with the tang of ginger to compliment the fragrant cumin, fennel and black pepper spices. They use amchoor (or green mango powder), tamarind and fresh lemon juice to give the drink a cooling and bright boost.

Right now in our taproom, the kombucha is only being served in glasses for $4 a glass. Stay tuned for more to-go options!


Where else can I find Dark Side Fermenters?

Click on over to their Facebook page (click) to follow them as they branch out to more locations and greater availability. Future flavors include: Black Mass, deep red and made with Flathead cherries, cinnamon, clove, and Irish moss; Misty Mountain Hop, a honey-sweetened fresh hop blended with coriander and matcha; or Lotus Eater, a blend of rose, lavender, jasmine, chamomile and hibiscus.

The journey has just begun!