We know that we often regale our fans of fermentation of the super fun, exciting, and newsworthy goings-on at Kalispell Brewing Company but this week we wanted to share with you some of the more behind the scenes look at what we do, day in and day out. While we’re busy brewing beer and serving said beer with good cheer, there’s a lot–actually a ton–of smaller, sometimes more mundane tasks our KBC crew has to accomplish to make sure the brewery runs, hopefully smoothly, always with a smile and great beer on tap seven days a week. All these little steps are driven by our intention to brew the highest quality beer and deliver exceptional customer service in the taproom.

Let’s take a closer look at the Day in the Life of the Kalispell Brewing crew:9:30am: The Beer Ambassador, Maggie, hits the Main Street sidewalks with the broom.

9:30am: The Beer Ambassador, Maggie, hits the Main Street sidewalks with a broom. Gotta keep our place and community lookin’ good.

DILBrewers (1)

10:15: Brewer Joshua and Head Brewer Cole chat about the brewday. This week, the brewers will brew more than 70 barrels of beer. They are busy!

DILwebsite (1)

11:00am: Newly promoted General Manager Lindsay and Maggie meet with Wheelie Creative, the local 
creative firm redesigning KBC’s website.

DILCole (1)

12:45pm: Cole studies important paperwork on a quick break from the production floor.

DILInventroy (1)

2:00pm: Warren, new to the taproom crew this summer, pitches in and helps with merchandise inventory.


3:15pm: Maggie’s desk in a rare moment in a state of somewhat cleanliness. She failed inspection.

DIL:Beacon Mtg

3:30pm: Maggie and Lindsay meet with Andy from the Flathead Beacon to discuss a potential project. 

DILEndof Day

5:15ish: Maggie enjoys a cold Two Ski Brewski Pilsner, her “shift beer” while finishing up some emails with a side of tasty popcorn. Who doesn’t love craft beer at the end of the day?