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In order to maximize flavor at your next BBQ, try pairing your meal with beers that complement what you’re serving! Beers with a balanced profile are the best for BBQs, so maybe put aside the Double IPA’s for a moment or two so your palate doesn’t get too overwhelmed (trust us). Whatever you choose to drink, drinking it out of a horn mug could make all of your friends envious at your BBQ. To help you along your path of optimized flavor from your grilled foods and cold beers, we’ve outlined below how best to pair some of the KBC favorite flagships and seasonals with items you might find on your backyard BBQ white paper plate. Just make sure to visit or a similar pest control service nearer to you before your BBQ – you don’t want any wasps in your beer on ants on your burger! Take a look at our suggestions of the best BBQ food to pair with your beer below:

Hotdogs and Burgers

Paired with the right type of beer, these BBQ staples will have your tastebuds dancing. The light-colored, effervescent and smooth characteristics of our Two Ski Brewski Pilsner make this beer a perfect match for hotdogs and burgers.


Pork is sweet and savory, two flavors that really compliment lagers. Good news is KBC specializes in German lagers! Try some pork with our flagship Winter at Noon Dunkel, a lager that boasts subtle graham cracker and well-balanced malty notes.


Steaks are quite rich and heavy, and deserve a companion brew with character, but something that doesn’t fight with the richness, such as our English Minor Nut Brown Ale.

Vegetables and Seafood

For those of you looking to add some light fare to your BBQ meal, wheat beers compliment grilled vegetables magically. KBC’s Bearhat Bock is a local spring and early summer standby perfect for backyard dining, and its complex but sunny flavor serves to round off this light meal with a little punch.


BBQ’d chicken can be paired with nearly everything and work. If the chicken has a rich marinade and is slightly charred, as it should be, you can pair it with our Hole in the Wall Hefeweizen. With hints of tartness and fruitiness, this beer helps the spices and flavors of the chicken shine.

Next time your in our taproom, feel free to ask our beertenders questions about some other potential pairing options that might work for you with some other flagships and rotating seasonals. We have grunts and growlers for sale as well, so you can bring enough back to your backyard for everyone to share.