Beer with intention (4)

Here at Kalispell Brewing Company, we are obviously very excited about the continued rise of independent craft beer companies, being an independently owned craft brewery ourselves. We see this trend in the country as a whole and here locally in Northwest Montana.  Because this affects Kalispell Brewing Company and our community of brewers and beer lovers, any time there is news about our beloved industry we jump at the chance to share it with you, our loyal followers.

That’s Independence You’re Tasting

This week, the Brewers Association launched a new national campaign promoting the efforts of American craft brewers and the independent seal, and we think it’s pretty rad!

Check out this video to see what we mean…

What we love about this campaign is that it’s main focus is to shine a light and give a voice to the small independent companies doing what they are most passionate about, or “living the American Dream,” you might say.  One of the most rewarding parts about being a small business in a small town is the opportunity to share our passion with our small community that supports us and keeps us going.  That doesn’t just include sharing our beer, although lets face it, that’s the most fun part.  It’s our personal stories, our struggles, our drive to create a superior product again and again.  The seal “marks a community that answers only to beer,” and we can really get on board with that message!

Seeking the Seal

The #SeektheSeal initiative is about helping beer lovers and retailers gain more awareness of independent craft breweries and the amazing variety of beer they produce, and to continue to promote and encourage an industry that grows every day in America.  This most certainly includes Kalispell Brewing Company, where it is our goal to never compromise on quality, taste or ingredients.

We strive every day to cultivate an appreciation for for craft beer, just as the Brewers Association is doing.  We want you to know that every time you walk through our doors, you can enjoy an intentionally brewed, delicious beer made by people who truly care.  That’s what the independent seal is all about.  Bigger is not always better.

We brew our beer with intention, and that can’t happen without the independence. That’s why the “Seek the Seal” message is so important to us.


Independence Matters to KBC

Kalispell Brewing Company is honored to be part of such an awesome community of over 6,000 independent craft breweries, and we are proud to display our independence!  Next time you visit our taproom, look for the seal on our front door. Ask us questions about what makes us unique, taste one of our carefully decocted German lagers or Northwest style ales and feel great about yourself as a person and as an American.  This country is all about doing what we love, and having fun while doing it, and we couldn’t do it without your support.

So keep on drinking craft, because “that’s independence you’re drinking!”