You might remember our post on social media about the canning our 100,000th beer, and how we hid a yellow sticky note under the label. It was a golden ticket to a free 6-pack of KBC beer.

We waited a couple weeks to see if we would hear back from whomever found the sticky note, and almost gave up. Then, last Saturday a gentleman at the Helena MBA Brewfest came up to our tent to tell us a story of running into a couple on the Flathead river that told him they had found the golden ticket in a KBC beer! All hope was restored!

Fast forward to this week when we discovered our local KBC Demersville Drinking Club member of the year for 2018, Don Petersen, was the big winner. And boy did he take that can on a journey. Follow along on his adventure.

Enter: Flat Canley


While on the North Fork at the Ford Forest Service cabin north of Polebridge, Don opened a KBC Cloudcroft IPA that he had purchased in our taproom. Upon drinking it, he noticed something odd about the label. He peeled it back and discovered the golden ticket, and decided that the can couldn’t just be tossed in the garbage or recycling. No, he had to name it: Flat Canley, after the iconic travelling Flat Stanley.

Flat Canley’s Journey

Flat Canley had quite a time up the North Fork. Follow the pictures below to see where he has been!


Flat Canley goes to Bowman Lake!


Flat Canley sunbathes on the North Fork!


Flat Canley visits the Polebridge Mercantile!


Flat Canley sits under the shade outside the North Fork Saloon!


Has Flat Canley had too many beers at the saloon?


I think this is our answer.

Congrats to Don for finding KBC’s golden ticket, and thanks so much for going on this adventure with us and Flat Canley!