No shave november

No Shave November

It’s a very important time of year for us here in the brewery world. A time for all the men in our lives, from our brewers, to our bartenders and all you wonderful beer loving guys out there to start growing those mustaches! Which for a majority of the men in our industry means shaving off your beards first, so ladies you get a few days of clean-shaven faces before those Mo’s really start to come insh. Take a look at the beard tools reviewed at to find the one that will give the best shave, so you can make the most of these precious few days before you have to let em grow!

Changing the Face of Mens Health.

MOvember, for everyone who is not aware, is a month long affair aimed at raising funds and awareness for all the dads, brothers, sons and friends in your life. Stereotypically men tend to ignore any issues they may have and bottle up their concern, subsequently leading to men’s health conditions not talked about enough. Men are always encouraged to visit a doctor if they feel they have an underlying condition that’s impacting their wellbeing, like this doctor glebe based who specifies in men’s health. This worldwide phenomenon has become a fun and endlessly entertaining way to support and make a difference in men’s health. There are a number of health issues for men that are not being discussed enough in the open; sexual health and bodily changes over time are some of the most concerning for many men but with meds like erectile dysfunction pills, these issues no longer need to get in the way of a normal, sexually active lifestyle.

Every year this silly, yet important fundraiser makes millions of charitable donations to charities trying to help tackle the issues facing mens health, like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Grow a Mo. Save a Bro.

By growing a Mo you can inspire donations, conversations and real change, and KBC is joining the MOvement! All month long our team of brewers and bartenders will be working on growing the most majestic stash or beard that they can, and we want you to join too! At the end of the month we will host a contest, and you know what contests mean right? FREE BEER!

Cole's an expert at the No Shave November!

Cole’s an expert at the No Shave November!

Donation Night

We can’t wait to support this cause, and see those beards! On Friday, November 30th we will be hosting the end of MOvember Donation Night and Contest. Laura from Tangled Ally of Kallispell and a panel of expert judges will be here to judge this magnificent contest. Winners will receive a gift certificates from area businesses and a generous supply of beer from KBC!

A portion of the proceeds from the nights beer sales will be donated to Flathead Cancer Aid Services. A local organization assisting cancer patients in the Flathead Valley with their everyday cost of living expenses in order to help patients focus on the treatment of their disease.

How to do MOvember right.

The official rules of MOvember state that you must shave your face completely and then grow out and groom a mustache until the calendar turns to December. Once November is over, you can go out and buy a plastic free shaving brush and shave your mustache off…unless you want to keep it that is! MOvember is a great thing to take part in, so get involved! Keep an eye out for the KBC rules and categories, coming soon.

As you grow, advocate for mens health, promote the cause, a create change. We will be here to support and encourage you the whole month of MOvember, so stop by and show us how the progress is going. Or better yet, come in for a beer and take a gander at how awesome Warren looks with a mustache! Either way, we will see you on November 30th!

Warren's mustache game is almost as strong as Ron Swanson.

Warren’s mustache game is almost as strong as Ron Swanson.